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Pool of resources and competencies in industrial engineering

In the heart of the Rhône-Alpes Region and more particularly in its west part, the Atelier Inter-établissements de Productique Rhône-Alpes Ouest (AIP-RAO) is a pool of resources and competencies setting industrial equipment at the common disposal of many high schools from the Region as a support for thorough trainings in industrial engineering. The partner high schools of AIP-RAO are also its main users: INSA of Lyon, Ecole Centrale of Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, ISTP of Saint-Etienne, ECAM of Lyon, IUT Lumière of Lyon 2 University, IUT de Roanne of Jean Monnet University and IAE Lyon3.

PRIMECA, as a network for training in Computer Aided Design and Mechanical Engineering (C.M.A.O), groups together universities and engineering schools and aims at promoting the development of the education channels for engineers and university masters in CMAO.

High level platforms

The Pôle AIP Priméca RAO provides its partner high schools with a support for high level manipulations and experiments in industrial engineering allowing initial training, continuing education and technological transfer to the firms.

The works and studies carried out turn on the design of products as well as of production means, on their implementation, management and exploitation. They sometimes result from research activities linked with the laboratories of the partner high-schools.

The emphasis is put on the problems linked with the integration of all production functions in the enterprise, on the corresponding methodologies - with an opening onto taking account of the human aspects - as well as on the training on the new ways of production management ("virtual enterprise" project).

The resources set at users disposal are mainly composed of :
· industrial equipment (such as CNC machine-tool, conveyers, assembly automation systems, robots, ...)
· computer systems supporting industrial software (CAD-CAM, simulation, CAPP, shop control, ...)
· communication systems ( LAN, WAN, visio-communication ...).

The total investment involved is of over 2.3 millions Euros.


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